3 steps to get a consultation

You can book a "consultation", step 1 and 2  or an "enhanced consultation", which contains all three steps as follows: 

Step 1: Consultation (USD 100)

A consultation starts with an appointment where we preferably meet or alternativly talk on the phone.
Depending on the problem I tell you if I can help you with the problem or maybe not.

Step 2:More help
If yes I ask you to pay the fee for step 1 and 2, which is USD 100.
With the tools I have I calculate your individual numbers and read the guidelines to you and give you an individual advice.

Step 3: Enhanced Consultation
The enhanced consultation is a very individual and time intense process which uses all my spiritual power. In my prayers I channel for answers and when the time comes I recieve an appropriet answer for everybody.
The amount of money depends on the case and  how much I am involved. Often there are additional sacrifices to make - like donate to the poor or helping people in need.

For payment:

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4748 7080 0017 2

Ebrima Drammeh
Beco da India aos Anjosn2. R/C. Esq
Lisboa 1150-188

For contact and appointments:
Mobile: +33 753 79 42 08 (WhatsApp)